SAIL - South Africa by Sohail Coelho

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“Your turn” he says to me. My body runs cold. A broad wind fills the sails and we rush forward, slicing through cold blue South Atlantic waters. Today, a first sailing class. The water, all a-glimmer and my heart, all a-flutter. “Anticipate the wind. Feel for it." I grab the helm; feel the lightness of the boat. Her gentleness in floating on choppy waters. A breath of wind tickles my left ear and I feel it, sense it, like a dawning idea. I turn the wheel to starboard, the sails filling with potential. Within seconds, a bold power comes across the boat. Icy fear fills me. The boat is now heeling 45 degrees to the left. In a quick rush of movement, I clamp down on fear, put my leg up, trust the solidity of my core, this boat, this moment and turn the wheel hard to starboard. The sails fill. The boat plows forward. I feel the power of the movement. I am the boat; the sails are me; the wind is me. Just here, in this moment. I am alive.

Cape Town, South Africa - September 28, 2010

Digital photography printed on stretched canvas, mounted on wood with L brackets, screws and steel chain.

30” height x 36” width - 20lbs




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