SHE SCOOPS MUSSELS - South Africa by Sohail Coelho

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A huge metal cauldron, deep as the sea, filled with what was once alive, waiting to feed the alive. She scoops deeply, stirring the broth with white wine and herbs, ensuring to cover every mussel. A fragrant steam billows out of its depths and warms her face. She’s been stirring for a long time now. It’s a cold day. Not really a day to be spent at a beachside restaurant, but we come anyway. My new friends have brought me here – to experience the Strandlouper or Beachwalker. Seagulls hover, like uninvited guests who brought no wine, no entry gift, but expect, nevertheless to be fed. Their white feathers and stark yellow beaks offer contrast to the gray day. I walk to the cauldron. She looks up at me. I smile. She offers none in return. She scoops deeply and fills my plate. One fed.

 Cape Town, South Africa - October 10, 2010

Digital photograypy printed on canvas, mounted to wood with metal fittings and mussel shells.

24” height x 28” width - 20lbs




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